Tough Traffic


Bob RedellI’ve been filling in for traffic anchor Mike Inouye on the mornings since he’s on paternity leave. I gotta tell ya, this gig is a tough nut to crack. Normally, I’m out reporting news in the field (which means culling together three reports for use during our two hour morning show.) It is generally a very low stress assignment. Traffic on the other hand requires you to go on air with the latest on the roads every 10 minutes. I don’t mind the extra work. It’s the “culling together” the information that has freaked me out a couple times.

To figure out what your commute is going to look like, we rely on several sources. We’ve got access to two web sites: one run by CHP, the other by a private company called Traffic Pulse. We also use another computer to create the animated maps you see on air. Several traffic cameras throughout the Bay Area help us as well. And Chopper 11 is a terrific roaming source for live pictures and information. It’s great to have all this at your fingertips, but to the newbie traffic dude, it can be overwhelming, especially when you have less than 10 minutes to prepare between each traffic report.

On more than one occasion, I have literally ran up to the camera with zero seconds to spare to deliver my report. (The time just snuck away from me.) I could feel my heart trying to break through my rib cage as my lungs gasped for breath. That is not what I call cool, calm and collected. (A fickle clicker we use to change the traffic maps on air has also given me the joy of experiencing a couple mild heart attacks.) This is not at all meant as a gripe. I just want to give major props to our man Mike for making it seem so easy. (I was also asked to blog about my traffic experience and figured I it’d be more interesting focus on my “challenges.”)

Bob Redell
NBC11 Reporter & Traffic Trickster

LATE BREAKING TIDBIT: I must say I’ve found my comfort zone over the past couple days and have grown to enjoy the assignment.


3 Responses to “Tough Traffic”

  1. Leonard Cino Says:

    Bob, My friend you are doing fine. My wife and I crack up in the mornings because we have been watching you for a long time and know that the “glitches” must frustrate you. We know that you normally are a well prep’d and well spoken reporter. I’m glad you are filling in for Mike and congrats to him. I see that you two have the same hair stylist. You are doing a great job, in and out of the studio. Hey, at least you know where you’ll be from day to day. Leonard & Debbie.

  2. John Wyatt Says:

    Hey, Bob, where were you today? It sounded like Nicole Riley was going to be in all week?

  3. Ditto, Bob « The Breakfast Blog Says:

    […] Last Friday I heard the team chatting on-air about the Bob Redell’s blog entry (yes, I watch nearly every morning even out on paternity leave) and checked it out as soon as I was […]

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