Go Elmo… and Super Grover!


Craig HerreraI’m so excited my god-daughter is here visiting from Denver!  My cousins and little Elli arrived Thursday and the first few hours home were all about a DVD with Elmo and Super Grover.  Now I understand why parents know all the latest nursery rhymes and hip new characters.  It was so much fun watching SUUUPPP-er Grover and Elmo, even though we watched it over and over again.

How do kids do it, they love to watch those DVD’s over and over.  I don’t mind because she is my god-daughter, and she said “more peez,” how could I say no?  And it was funny and quite amusing to watch SUUPPP-er Grover as he attempted to fly and kept stepping on his cape.  He tried to “get up, up ,up” but that cape was just in the way!  Elli and I kept laughing and laughing as SUUPPP-er Grover kept falling, picking himself up and trying again.  She is going to be two years old in July, and we laughed and laughed.  Me laugh?  🙂

It was a great bonding moment and one I will always remember.  It’s amazing how the simple things in life can make us smile and laugh, like SUUPPP-er Grover!  Here’s to the good things in life that make us laugh and the sweet innocent children that help us see it all… over and over again.  I’m looking forward to a wonderful week with my family and Elli.

Craig Herrera
NBC11 WeatherPlus Meteorologist


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