Ditto, Bob


Mike InouyeLast Friday I heard the team chatting on-air about the Bob Redell’s blog entry (yes, I watch nearly every morning even out on paternity leave) and checked it out as soon as I was able to jump online Friday morning.

Thanks for the props, Bob, and you’re doing an outstanding job running with things and allowing me to be at home tending to the homefront as we adjust to the new addition to our squad.

I also want to say “ditto, Bob” on the feelings he’s had getting up to speed in the traffic gig. I’ve experienced a similar two weeks getting up to speed on the homefront.

Just after I called in on the morning show when our second child was born, Bob said that having two kids isn’t twice as much work as one, it’s more like twenty times more work.

He should know. Bob’s got a beautiful family with two kids and has been managing wonderfully for years. While he gets the feel for the joys and challenges of doing something I’ve become comfortable doing, I’m here at home trying desperately to get a feel for the joys and challenges of being a dad of two, like him.

Sunday was my first Father’s Day as a Double Daddy. We’re just getting over one major hump, getting sleep wedged in between a toddler’s schedule and a newborn’s lack of one.

I’ll try and drop y’all another line soon.

Mike “One Swaddler, One Toddler” Inouye
NBC11 Traffic Anchor


3 Responses to “Ditto, Bob”

  1. june Says:

    congratulations mike on the new baby!

  2. Eva Says:

    Congratulations Mike on your new addition. I just thought you were on a long vacation.

  3. deborah Says:

    I wondered where you were, I thought maybe a promotion somewhere, good to know you’ll be back. Congratulations to you and your family, I’m glad to see you have your priorities taking care of your family first, remember those 529’s !!

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