Good Deeds


Brent CannonSo often we focus on the bad things that people do that I wanted to share a couple of stories about good things people have recently done. These people will not be on the news, or make headlines in the paper, or a big splash on YouTube. They did something nice to a total stranger – just because.

One story involves a 70 something lady who was traveling alone. After collecting her bags at the airport, she boarded a shuttle bus that would take her close to her home. She got off the bus, only to find that one of her bags was missing. Turns out, the bus driver had left it on the curb back at the airport. She was distraught to say the least.

Lucky for her, somebody nice came along. He was a TSA agent, about to take that same bus on the return trip to the airport to begin his shift. He saw how worried she was and told her he would escort her back to find the missing bag. Not only that, but on the way he began working his cell phone – calling fellow TSA agents – telling them they may come across an unattended bag, and that he knew who the owner was. He also began to call various security offices at the airport, asking if a bag had been turned in.

By the time they had arrived back at the airport, the agent had located the bag. But instead of pointing the elderly lady to where she could get it, he decided to personally escort her. She thanked him for all he had done, and told him she could do the rest on her own. But he would not have it. He wanted to finish what he had begun. He reunited the lady with her bag AND made sure she and her bag made it back on the bus.

Here is another story. The other day I was at the grocery store, when an elderly lady came in, telling clerks she had just lost her wallet. One of the ‘sackers’ was tasked with helping the woman. This ‘sacker’ was also training what appeared to be a new employee.

The ‘sacker’ did not complain. Instead, she went into action. I was standing next to her, and she turned to me and explained how she hated to see people lose their wallet or purse – especially older people. She was concerned about what the poor woman would have to go through to cancel credit cards and get new ID etc.

The ‘trainee” then came over, and the ‘sacker’ said, “Here is what we are going to do. At our store, we help people. That’s what we do. So, we are going to go through all the shopping carts, and after that we will have her retrace her steps through the parking lot. We are going to help that poor lady get her wallet back.”

I was really impressed – in both accounts. I wish I knew the names of the two good Samaritans. They deserve credit for their deeds. But I know the Big Man upstairs knows exactly who they are and what they did.

Brent Cannon
NBC11 Anchor


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