What Are You Searching For?


Scott McGrew
I put together a little website for parents like myself who want to show their kids a good time in San Francisco. Hints on how to have a fun day fishing for crabs (totally fun) or riding your bike across the Golden Gate Bridge. I won’t mention the address here, as I’m not trying to plug it or anything (I’m not even done with it yet), I just thought I would share something from behind the scenes.

If you have a website, you can look under the hood and see how many people visit (not that many) and how long they stick around. You can also find out HOW they found your website, as the site will capture the search terms people use. I find these fascinating, as I’ve always wondered how people find my little site.

Some are totally logical: “fun for kids this summer in San Francisco” someone typed into Google.

My wife does this – totally long search terms. She writes things in the Google search box like “I have this stain in my good blouse, the blue one with the Peter Pan collar? It may be red wine. I don’t think it’s blood.”

I would just write “dry cleaners 95131” but that’s me.

Another Googler found my site with “swimming for children in SF” – boy are they in for a chill.

There’s also “Is jogging the Bay Bridge safe?” I have no idea why that search term would lead to my website. But no, it would not be.

“Stores that sell special bait to catch crabs with” was written by someone who enjoys dangling both crab traps and participles. And crabs will eat anything.

And one person found my website with just one search term: “Tounge.” This has me mystified.

Scott McGrew
NBC11 Business & Tech Reporter


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