Salt Water Fuel?


Brent CannonThese high gas prices take some getting use to. And I don’t just mean the shock of filling up at 75 and 80 dollars a tank full. There are subtle lifestyle changes too. I remember the days when, if you were a little low on petrol and a little short on cash, you could swing in a station and just put a couple of bucks in. Back when gas was less than a dollar a gallon – in the olden days, like about 1979ish – a couple bucks worth could give you half a tank of gas. Now, it won’t even get you half a gallon. It barely moves the gauge. If your gaslight comes on – a couple of bucks worth isn’t enough to turn it off.

And what about the way the pumps are setup? Many places have a $50 limit. Not long ago that would accommodate most folks. Now, you have to do a second, maybe a third transaction. Gas stations have to evolve with the times. We now need a $100 limit at least – just to get on our way.

I saw the below clip on YouTube of a scientist who has found a way to burn salt water. He was doing research on cancer, but stumbled on a way to use radio waves to ignite common seawater. The heat can run an engine.

This could be the answer to everything. If they can harness this technology, we can use ocean water for our cars. Global warming is causing ocean levels to rise – but if we burn seawater, perhaps we can help reduce ocean levels – reduce greenhouse gasses – end dependency on foreign oil – and we could stop paying such high energy prices… unless “Big Oil” buys the patent and sits on it until we are depleted of fossil fuels.

Brent Cannon
NBC11 Anchor


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