Unmask The Mysteries


Craig HerreraWhat a night! Performers in stilts, dancers twirling batons on fire, amazing costumes and all for a great cause… to raise money for nine Bay Area agencies fighting HIV/AIDS.

Unmask The Mysteries was Saturday night, June 21st, Downtown San Jose. It is put on by some amazing people (Ray Mueller, Eddie Gutierrez, Wim Roelandts and Maria Constantino-Roelandts) at AIDS Coalition Silicon Valley and every year it gets bigger and better!

It’s a fun night to get dressed up and hide behind a mask while having fun meeting old friends and making new friends too. I didn’t win any of the items I bid on, a tie signed by San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom, a family pack to the Children’s Discovery Museum in San Jose for my nieces and nephew, or a beautiful necklace, but it was fun trying. In all, over $100,000 was raised and it will be split between nine Silicon Valley agencies that help people living with HIV/AIDS. NBC11 is a proud sponsor and I was honored to be the emcee again this year. I was the emcee three years ago, but missed last year because I was on the AIDS/LifeCycle ride. So it was great to be back with so many fun and dedicated people!

And this year I made a mask and titled it “Legally I Thee Wed.” I took newspaper clippings from June 18th, all of same-sex marriages, and glued them on the mask. I sealed it with an acrylic paint and added two tuxedos and two brides veils to it. I think it was a hit… I hope it was anyway. I had fun making it and I really enjoyed watching people glance at it, take a second glance, then realize what it was and study it!

Two awards were also given out Saturday night. One of The ACSV Roelandts Awards of Distinction went to Dr. Michael Harbour, who has dedicated his life and career to help those with HIV/AIDS from Silicon Valley to Boston. The second award, and The Annual Organization Honor, went to the Los Altos Rotary Club. The Los Altos Rotary Club educates the public, changes attitudes about the illness and supports those that are afflicted with the disease by producing the video “The Los Altos Story.”

I can’t wait for next year, hmmm, how should I decorate my mask?

Craig Herrera
NBC11 WeatherPlus Meteorologist


2 Responses to “Unmask The Mysteries”

  1. Phyllis Chai Says:

    Cool, Craig…I was so sad when Shannon left the Morning Show, but you’ve “wormed your way” into my heart…:>) My husband and I watch the show each morning, and love the “chemistry” among the whole team.
    I was so impressed that you participated in the recent LONG benefit bike ride…and enjoy the pet photos on the show…and more…Thanks so much.

    Phyllis Chai

  2. Craig Says:

    Hi Phyllis Chai!

    THANK YOU so much for the great comment! I hope you know that means so much to me! I love Shannon, “Shannie” as I call her, and I too was sad to see her leave. We talk often and she is happy in Seattle with her family. I’ll pass your comments along to her as well.

    The morning team is simply the best team I have ever worked with in my career. The chemistry comes naturally, it’s just easy to work well together because we all genuinely care about each other, the show and our viewers. It’s not always easy to find unique and genuine people to work with at 3:30 AM! 🙂
    It sure makes it easier to get up in the morning and come to work because we all have a great time. I know if I ever need something, they will each be there to support me, and me them. I’m just glad you feel that at home.

    And thank you for reading our blogs and my blogs on the AIDS/LifeCycle. It was quite the journey, one I will never forget. In fact, I already signed up to ride again next year. Perhaps you and your husband can join me next year? 🙂

    Phyllis, I thank you for the kind words and thank you for taking time to send in your comments!
    If you have a pet, or know someone who does, please send me a picture so I can use it on PAWS A MOMENT WITH CRAIG.
    I hope you have a day and week and thank you for watching us in the morning! I hope we make you smile while giving you the best coverage weekday mornings!

    Craig Herrera

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