Jimmy Fallon: Close-Up Encounter


Former SNL and soon to be “Late Night” show host Jimmy Fallon recently visited our NBC11 newsroom during his swing to San Jose where he was performing at the Improv to practice in front of a live audience.

I made sure to have my camera handy at the station that day just in case he let me take a picture with him. Hey, he was a big star and soon will be an even bigger star and probably a household name. He got to the station early, so I figured I might as well get in there early and see if I could take a picture with him. So, I loaded up my makeup bag to do a quick touchup, grabbed my camera and headed to the ladies’ room. Little did I know, a story was about to unfold that I will be telling for years to come.

As I was walking to the restroom carrying my makeup bag, I passed the “green room,” where guests lounge until their segment. My co-worker stopped me asking if I was there to put concealer on Jimmy. He mistakenly thought the station had a makeup artist and requested concealer for a pimple. I thought about it for a second – yes, I did have concealer in my makeup bag… sure, I’d give him some concealer. So I went into the green room, introduced myself and asked Jimmy if he needed concealer. Sure enough, he was ever so grateful and showed me the zit above his lip. I whipped out my concealer stick and he wasn’t sure whether to swab his finger on the top, I ended up carving out a chunk for him and put it on his finger. He then asked for a mirror, which I didn’t have. I thought about it, and said, “Do you want me to put it on for you?” He said yes, so, yep, I ended up blending concealer just above Jimmy Fallon’s lips. I told him it was a shade off, he asked if it looked okay and I reassured him it looked fine.

Then… I finally asked him if I could take a couple of pictures with him. He was very cool and said sure! We had to figure out where was best – which ended up being in front of a white wall in the “green room.” We ended up taking a picture with my glasses, and one without my glasses. Then Jimmy said, “Let’s take another one like we’re in conversation!” Cool! We took one like that talking about something I cannot recall. He said I was going to like that one the best and you know what, I think he was right! Wish you the best Jimmy Fallon!

Kellie Onaga
NBC11 Associate Producer


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