Boom Goes the Dyna-Mike


This week will end with a BANG.

The big fireworks spectacular at the San Jose America Festival will be hosted on NBC11 by Brent and Laura Friday at 9PM. The kids and I will be tuning in to see it in High Def for the first time this year but this will be the second time in recent weeks that, amidst the thundering BOOMs, I’ll be smiling from ear to ringing ear.

I have long been a fan of the Japanese taiko drum. Though an ancient instrument, the ensemble style of performance enjoyed today has really evolved here in the States. Pioneered by groups in Los Angeles, San Francisco and this group in San Jose, Taiko got a real rebirth in none other than California.

In truth, years ago I had entertained the idea of auditioning for SJT (a TWO YEAR process) but was cut short as my professional comedy career took me across town to ComedySportz (watch for an upcoming blog.)

Even so, all these many years later, I finally got to fulfill my dream of performing with these talented musicians in their 35th anniversary celebration. Well, perhaps “performing with” is too strong of a phrase. “I was on stage at the same time as them” is more accurate.

No… let’s keep the “performed with” sentiment ‘cuz then you can fully enjoy this next bit of story.

Not only did I get on stage with SJ Taiko, I actually performed along with San Jose City Council Member Sam Liccardo (in the dark suit), San Jose Mayor Chuck Reed (in the suit similar to mine) and California State Assembly Speaker Pro Tempore (in the red blazer) Sally Lieber.

How’s that for a kickin’ house band?!

I guess I did okay, both as the event MC and on the drums because they really did ask me to take a picture with them all at the end of their AMAZING performance. It was an honor just to stand there with them.

Come to think of it, they’ll be performing at the America Festival on Friday as well, scheduled at 2:15PM.

I am also excited for their upcoming two hour concert in September. I’ll probably take my son too, since he’s enjoyed hearing them in the past. Something we can share, from our shared heritage, and then take home to practice together on our pots and pans. šŸ™‚

Mike Inouye
NBC11 Traffic Beat

PS. In case you were wondering, the title of this blog is a variation on a phrase made famous by this college sportscaster who in turn was made famous when his Ball State TV broadcast caught the attention of Ball State Alum David Letterman, who interviewed him on his show. (Go here and search the transcript for “Boom Goes the Dynamite”.)


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