Bears and Cubs


Scott McGrewI’m back from a two week vacation and I know you want to see pictures.  The first is shot by my oldest son Zachary, and is extremely blurry because it was dark and he was taking pictures of a bear mama and its cubs as it approached our hotel in Yosemite.  Which means the shutter was open a long time and apparently my 13 year old gets a bit shaky around bears.

We kept a safe distance and admired them, and then a park ranger showed up and SHOT THE BEAR IN THE BUTT with a laser guided rifle – apparently with a rubber bullet.  My kids were very impressed with the laser as it cut through the night sky and landed on the bear’s butt.  Take them out to nature, show them a bear, and they leave thinking “I really love laser rifle sights.  Dad, can we get a rifle with laser sights?”

Once safely back from Yosemite, we took my mother who was visiting from Chicago to a Giants game to see them take on the Cubs.  My mom is a big Cubs fan.  Because my “other job” is reporting business news for KNBR 680 sports radio, I was able to get some very nice tickets.  Like a suite.  So here are some shots of my parents enjoying the suite while my youngest son, Ian, sits with Kruk and Kuip as they call the game in the broadcast booth.

My sons had no idea their “Nana” was such a baseball fan – knowing all the stats and the ins and outs.  They thought she was just a nice old lady with an apparently bottomless coin purse and a lot of love.  But she also screams at pitchers when they underperform.

Unfortunately for Mom, the game she attended was the ONE game the Cubs lost against the Giants in the series.  The Cubs needed better hitting, or, perhaps, a rifle with laser sights.   That totally woulda worked.

Scott McGrew
NBC11 Business & Tech Reporter

2 Responses to “Bears and Cubs”

  1. ark Says:

    great post, I’ve been missing these in my feed reader – what happened to the rss feeds? doesn’t list one for the breakfast blog
    I used to subscribe at
    but that’s not updating now 😦

    Ah ha! just before I hit submit I see Entries rss at the bottom of the page!
    why isn’t it listed as alternative in the source (so my little orange square shows up). And why isn’t is listed on the feeds page.
    And why doesn’t the old feed location redirect to the new location?
    I bet you lost a lot of subscribers!

  2. nbc11 Says:

    Ark – thanks for the comment about the rss feeds… we switched blog publishers and unfortunately the rss feed didn’t transfer… we’ll work to make the new rss link more prominent. Thanks for reading.

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