Sad Farewell


Craig HerreraI took a few days off last week to spend time with my parents who were visiting from New Mexico. We had a great week together, as we always do, but we ended the week on a very sad note.  I wasn’t sure I wanted to blog about this, but I know it’s a story about a life that was so special and so wonderful and I knew I just had to share it with you. Especially, since you all know how much I love pets and how much I like to get involved with organizations like the Humane Society Silicon Valley and the Lance Armstrong Foundation.

Last Friday, we lost our Rhodesian Ridgeback, Tess, to a long one-year battle with cancer. She was 13-years old and such a sweetheart! It still breaks my heart to think she is gone, but I know she is now at peace. Now I imagine her running along the beach, Carmel By The Sea and Bean Hollow were her two favorite spots. She loved her treats so I know she is eating all the peanut butter treats she can eat without gaining an ounce!

Tess was such a sweet and gentle dog, yet her bark was very intimidating! We adopted her in Denver, she was rescued from an abusive home, and once she learned humans can be loving beings, she had a great life. She climbed some 14,000 foot peaks in Colorado, hiked near Kings Canyon National Park, sat proudly on Moon Mountain in Sonoma County and toured Sonoma and Napa county vineyards, walked across the Golden Gate Bridge and she did so much more in her 13 years of life.

I smile when I think about all the fun times we had with her and I know she is still watching over us. We still have one dog, Sasha, a Lhasa Apso, who is doing well. We just keep her busy with lots of walks and play time to keep her busy. If you have a furry little one in your life, please give them a little extra time and let them know just how much you love them.

Craig Herrera
NBC Bay Area WeatherPlus Meteorologist


9 Responses to “Sad Farewell”

  1. Kris Gunderson Says:

    Your letter was so very touching.
    I am sure you know, that all of us here at Humane Society Silicon Valley will include Tess in our thoughts and prayers. These special souls touch our hearts and impact our lives in ways that words could never express.
    Our lives are made fuller when we open our hearts to those who ask for nothing in return.
    Kris G.

  2. Stephanie Ladeira Says:

    Dear Craig,
    I am so sorry to hear about Tess. She was a truly special dog and she will be very missed by all of us at Humane Society Silicon Valley who know how much she meant to you both. My heart is just breaking for you.

    Thank you for sharing Tess with all of us. And thank you for all that you do to raise awareness that “recycled” pets enrich our lives in ways we could never foresee.
    In sympathy,

  3. Craig Says:

    Kris and Stephanie,
    Thank you so much for taking time to write in and share your warm and sincere thoughts and regards! Tess had so much fun on all three Walk-N-Wag events! She had such a sweet soul and was so special. I’m so happy you spent time with her and loved her as much as she loved you.

    With time, we may need to come by and find a new friend for Sasha, and us. Sasha is missing Tess, but doing well.

    Tess gave us a wonderful 13 years, but I know she is happy now, napping, eating and rolling around in the grass!

    Thank you for all you do at HSSV and for the lucky people who get to adopt a loving animal and experience that unconditional love!

    Pet lovers are wonderful people!

  4. june Says:

    so sorry to hear about the loss of tess. those animals really get us where we are soft. i’m glad you have so many memories with tess!!


  5. Singing Sasha « The Breakfast Blog Says:

    […] week, I blogged about the loss of our Rhodesian Ridgeback, Tess. She was such a great dog. And she learned how to […]

  6. Roger and Judy Says:

    Craig–you can tell by my email address that we truly love our dog. His name is Gromit a jack russell–our other dog is Wallace, a pug. They are named for the Wallace and Gromit claymation cartoon. I was a special ed. teacher. For 10 years Gromit went to school with me. The students loved to “read” to him. NOW at only 11 years old he is blind. It is VERY hard for us to get used to the idea that he isn’t the same Gromit. We have to be very careful about moving things away from the place that he knows. Wallace misses his “brother”. He misses the friend that he could run and play with. They could mess up the bed together.
    We are so sorry for your loss. Being “animal people” we can certainly understand how you are feeling.

  7. Craig Says:

    Hi Roger and Judy!
    Thank you so much for taking time to write in! I’m sorry to hear about your little Gromit. They become such an important part of life to us! And you taking him to school, I’m sure there is a void now that he has to stay home. I can’t imagine how difficult it might to lose your sight, especially as a dog. I hear other senses are amplified, so I’m sure he’s happy to be with you and Wallace.
    I hope he’s doing well otherwise.
    Sasha is missing her “sister” Tess, and does not like to stay home alone but she is adjusting well. We just play with her a lot more and walk her more often. We’re thinking about getting a playmate for her, but not now, we still miss Tess.
    I love dog and pet people! I think pet people make great friends! So here’s to new friends!
    If you wake up early, I show pictures of pets every Monday – Friday at about 5:21AM, it’s called Paws A Moment With Craig. Send me some pictures so I can put your babies on tv!
    Also, I love your email address, and I too love Gromit and Wallace! I can be channel surfing, and if I pass them I have to stop and watch!
    Thanks again for writing in! You have a wonderful day and enjoy your time with your babies!

  8. BP Says:

    Craig, wow, I didn’t know you were also a volunteer with the Humane Society. I’ll have to take a look at helping out the Humane Society near our place.

    You’re touching tribute about Tess was truly heartbreaking, and inspiring. I’m so glad Tess had wonderful parents and a little sister in Sasha for the 13 years she was here. I’m glad to know she touched many people’s lives and overcame adversity from having lived in an abusive home in the beginning. God bless you and your family, and thank you for adopting a wonderful dog instead of buying one from a breeder, that’s awesome!!!

  9. Craig Says:

    THANK YOU so much for the kind words! Tess was indeed a great girl! I would love to see your mom’s lil’Pavarotti! It sounds like he is very talented! 🙂
    Sasha is so funny, we were out on a walk yesterday and a neighbor child was practicing on the piano and Sasha stopped and started singing! It was so funny!
    Here’s to the little furry pets that bring us so much joy!
    By the way, every Monday – Friday at 5:21AM I have short segment called “Paws A Moment With Craig” on our NBC Bay Area News show and I ask people to send pictures of their pets so I can share them with viewers. You should a picture of your mom’s Chihuahua boy!
    Okay, have a great day and thanks so much for taking time to comment on my blog! I really appreciate it!
    Craig Herrera

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