Laura Invented Gadget Friday


Scott McGrewMy mailman watches our Gadget Friday segment religiously. So too does the deli guy at the grocery store. They usually ask what the week’s gadget will be ahead of time, knowing I’ll never tell them. It’s funny – I can predict something in the business world that surprises even me with its accuracy – like “Microsoft will make a play for Yahoo” or something, but no one ever stops me at the Safeway freezer case to compliment me on that. It’s always about Gadget Friday.

I’m glad everyone enjoys it, as I think sometimes it’s fun to take a break from the issues on the world that we cover on the news. Then again, I don’t take it particularly seriously – I’m up there talking about a gadget that freezes dog poop or whatever and getting paid for it.

Gadget Friday got a strange start. About three years ago or so I simply ran out of stuff to talk about on the morning business segment. It was just a slow Friday. I am in charge of a show on the weekends called TechNow and I thought “well, I’ll take up some of my time promoting that show.” So, I grabbed a device off my desk that was to be featured on the show that week and mentioned that you could see more about it on TechNow.

The next Friday, Laura asked me before we went on set “so, what’s the gadget this Friday?” And I thought “oh, I could do that again.” And 150 gadgets or so later, there you go.

By the way, do you think this is a coincidence? 🙂

Scott McGrew
NBC Bay Area Business & Tech Reporter


One Response to “Laura Invented Gadget Friday”

  1. Laura Garcia Cannon Says:

    I love gadget Friday so much that sometimes when I’m on vacation I actually get a little sad I’m missing the segment!!! Without fail I will ask Scott.. so what was the gadget I missed… keep up the good work my friend… and the crazy gadgets! Laura

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