More Air Time


Mike InouyeSo, Brent writes about S’mores and, while I don’t have a special family recipes or secrets for preparation, it did take me to thoughts of marshmallows in general. (Many things, you’ll find, take me to thoughts of marshmallows in general. See “Shout Out to my Peeps” from last March.)

For S’mores you want to get the marshmallows heated enough to smoosh. That’s fine if you’re cooking with them but plain?

I like my marshmallows “aired out” a bit. Leave the package open for a day or just dump some into a bowl and let ’em be.

Some call them stale marshmallows but I like them that way. I find it adds a bit of toothiness to the cloudlike confection. If you don’t have the toothiness, how do you even know you’re eating anything of substance at all?

What about other foodstuff? Cheetos, of which I am famously fond… I like them a little “moister” than they come out of the bag. How to you get them to have the right bite? Air ’em out.

Stews and soups? Love to make them, and love to serve them steaming hot. However, I leave my bowl undisturbed as the flavors mature and the smells waft into to the air. As the steam dies down, the flavor seems to rise. I enjoy my food closer to room temperature than cooking temps it would seem.


I love to cook so this may be due to the fact that I usually serve my food at the same time I serve everyone else sitting at the table. As a result, my plate sits around and waits for me to arrive. It works out, though, ‘cuz I like to serve the food up hot but don’t like to eat it that way. Go figure.

Also interesting; this is in direct conflict with my role here as the Traffic Anchor where I don’t like my reports to be stale, the commute would suffer.

Commuters don’t need more suffering.

My reports are hot off the grill… but they could always use a little more air time. 😉

Mike Inouye
NBC Bay Area
Room Temperature Traffic Anchor

Note to those for whom I’ve cooked:
I try to keep everything well within the safety guidelines as suggested by the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) with regard to food safety

Note to Brent:
Back on the S’mores tip, there is an invention (dare I drift onto Scott McGrew’s turf and say “gadget”) that he might find interesting. Check out this 21st Century S’mores maker.

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