Chip’s Recovery


Laura Garcia CannonAnyone who knows me knows how much I love my dog. Chip is a big part of our lives. Happy, loving, just a little living stuffed animal. He recently had a life threatening accident that put him in a coma, oxygen tank and a list of medications for some time. We used to call him ‘little man,’ now it’s more like ‘miracle man.’ I never took a day with him for granted before (ok, sometimes I maybe complained about having to go out for walks even when I was tired), but now.. I can’t look at him without thinking, “miracle,” and how unbelievably blessed I am to still have him in our lives. If you have a pet, and don’t know where there is an emergency hospital close to your house, find out. Find out now before you need one. I knew, in fact I had the number programmed into our phone, and it made the difference in saving his life!

Thanks to the great great people at United Emergency Animal Clinic in San Jose: all the staff, especially Dr. Judy Owens who jumped into immediate action. Taking over from there was the incredible crew from South Bay Veterinary Specialists who all know who Chi” is now… he lived there for a while while recovering. Dr. Clare and Dr. Sergeeff are on my cell phone speed dial. I won’t name the rest of the staff for fear of leaving someone out, but even Chip took to a certain new girlfriend in there – you know who you are!!!!

His recovery has been amazing by the way. Day-by-day I’ve seen our little dog come back from being incredibly sick to… well, chipper! From being on strict bed rest to starting to walk, then play.. he’s now back to his old tricks – literally trying to give me a “high five” or “play dead” which really isn’t funny anymore, since he practically was. Ugh.

He has so incredibly improved in health he even made a star appearance that you’ll soon see in San Jose Magazine this fall. He’s more popular than us! He had a photo shoot. I guess we’re reduced to just being his “handlers” so to speak… which is ok with me… if he was a cat he definitely used one of his nine lives. Here is a behind the scenes picture of his photo shoot. You can see how much he means to both of us.

Laura Garcia Cannon
NBC Bay Area Anchor


2 Responses to “Chip’s Recovery”

  1. susanne cousineau Says:

    I have a westie also…….Bailey says way to go Chip (woof)

  2. BP Says:

    Laura, I’m so glad Chip is doing well after his scary accident and surgery. Everyone who has a dog understands they make home life so wonderful! Much continued health to Chip and his family!

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