HD Upgrade


Scott McGrew

You would think the “tech guy” would have all the latest gadgets, especially when it comes to TV, but in fact I really don’t. Regular DVD player, no BluRay. No home theater, and until just a few days ago, just regular standard definition television.
We started airing parts of the morning show in high definition, however, and I know we’re coming close to doing the same with my other show, TechNow, so I figured it was time to upgrade.

I’ve actually owned an HD television for some time – the old one quit and I bought an ENORMOUS TV from a guy on Craigslist for $200. How do you get an enormous $20 HDTV? You buy a tube or “CRT” television. It’s not flat or plasma or LCD, it’s a regular TV with a tube – it must weigh 800 pounds. But it fits in my entertainment center and does a fine job.

I had not gotten around to hooking up an HD signal, and while it may seem strange to watch standard definition on an HDTV, actually many people do just that, though accidentally. A recent study says many TV buyers never hook their HDTV up to an HD signal. They figure if the TV’s HD, that’s all they need.

Anyway, while you can get a perfectly good signal right over the air (for free!) I just had the Dish guy come and upgrade our satellite box.

MythBusters looks great in high definition. But when I watched Brent and Laura and the rest in HD, I wasn’t all that startled by their appearance. It took me awhile to figure out – I see them in person every day, and now they look on TV like they do when I see them every morning in person.

Our suits look better, though. Instead of having a nice chalk stripe which shows up black/grey on TV, and a charcoal suit (black/grey) and a pinstripe (black/grey) the clothes actually pop.

I knicked my chin shaving that morning – when I get home, I’ll have to roll the TiVo back and see if you can see it.

Scott McGrew
NBC Bay Area Business & Tech Reporter


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