Bart Simpson Lookalike?


Brent Cannon:
Brent CannonDuring the morning show the other day, I promised to tell a story. We had been talking about an Olympic swimmer from England, who is now a reporter for the BBC. He is covering the games in Beijing, but he gets mobbed everywhere he goes because he looks like Michael Phelps. He tries to explain – but it does no good.

I had a similar thing happen – and promised to explain on the Breakfast Blog – so – hear goes.

A few years ago, at a different station, I had been confused for Bart Simpson. The station sent a few anchors to take part in some sort of “say no to drugs” program at a local park. There were hundreds of school kids there. At some point, organizers thought it would be a good idea to have all the TV people sign autographs. Well, the kids were little, and most didn’t know who we were. So, they would come to the table to have us sign photos, but would ask, “Who are you anyway?” Well, there was quite a large group at one point, and it was loud, and some kid asked who I was, and I just said “Brent.” Somehow he misunderstood and thought I said “Bart” – which somehow turned into “Bart Simpson.”

Word spread to the back of the pack like wildfire. Bart Simpson was signing autographs! The kids in the back of the pack could not see who was really at the desk, so pretty soon kids were going nuts! And word spread across the playground – and more kids came running. I tried to explain (not to mention I don’t think I look anything like Bart Simpson) that I was not Bart Simpson!

Too late. All sense of logic and reason had gone by the wayside. A frenzy had begun and there was no stopping it. So, despite my real name being printed in bold letters on the picture card, I began signing “Bart Simpson.” I just decided to go with it. No sense fighting it at this point. The kids were thrilled, and everybody was happy. So, for a short time – I – was Bart Simpson. Cow-a-bunga dude!

Brent Cannon
NBC Bay Area Anchor

One Response to “Bart Simpson Lookalike?”

  1. Steve P. Says:

    Haha that’s pretty funny. Cool dude!

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