Gadget Friday: Eye-Fi Explore


Scott McGrew:
Scott McGrewEye-Fi Explore digital camera memory card    $129.00

The Eye-Fi SD memory card is the only gadget in the history of Gadget Friday to appear twice.

To remind you, the Eye-Fi turns any digital camera that accepts SD memory cards into a WiFi camera – you can “beam” your pictures from your camera to a computer without cords.  That was such a neat development, we made it our top gift last year in our holiday gift guide.

We give the Eye-Fi line a second look this week because of a great improvement:  geotagging.

Geotagging is the ability to “stamp” your photograph with location data.  So, that when you look at a picture from your trip to Rome, for instance, you know <i>exactly</i> where it was taken.

Higher end cameras contain GPS chips that perform this function, but now you can do it with ANY camera using the Eye-Fi Explore.

A company called Skyhook has mapped the nation’s WiFi signals.  The Eye-Fi Explore chip has access to that data.

Just use the Eye-Fi chip the way you would any other memory chip.  Take the picture, and the chip examines the WiFi signals around it – even if they’re locked and unusable, WiFi “hotspots” still broadcast their own
identification.  Your camera’s chip is able to roughly determine its position based on its proximity to those hot spots.

It looks around and says “Hmm, I see a Starbucks WiFi zone, another reading “Stacey’s Bookstore,” the picture you just took must have been taken in the 500 block of Market Street in San Francisco.”

Cool, huh?

The service, both the geotagging and the WiFi wireless communication with your computer are free.

Scott McGrew
NBC Bay Area Anchor


One Response to “Gadget Friday: Eye-Fi Explore”

  1. John Says:

    This is cool! After a year it is easy to forget exactly where the picture was taken

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