Context and Cake


Mike Inouye:
Mike Inouye“At work, the person who last celebrated their birthday is responsible for getting the cake for the next person’s birthday.”

So began the story from a friend living and working in San Francisco.

When it came time to celebrate a colleague’s birthday in late June, the person who went out to get the cake ended up getting a quick news update as well.

In an effort to get a cheery cake that everyone would like, the purchaser (whose identity I’ve been asked to conceal) opted for the cake she thought would appeal to the widest audience.

It had chocolate frosting.

It was decorated with bright, cheery colors.

It had the number 66 on the top which was presumed to be some sort of lucky number. Not unreasonable as we know from the lucky number 8 being so prevalent during the course of the Beijing Olympics.

Whatever the case, there were a few similarly decorated cakes pre-made in the bakery case.

The purchase was made.

Later, at the party, the group had gathered and was warming up for their own special rendition of the “Happy Birthday” song… enter the cake box and the awkward pause. (see the pic)

Colorful decorations? Those were meant to be “Pride Flags”.

The lucky “number 66” was actually two Mars symbols.

The news update? Same-sex marriages had just been legalized (again) in California.

The multi-cultural group of colleagues had a fun time discussing the cultural significance of these icons.

Culture, current events and cake. What could be better?

Remember, stick with our morning news and you’ll always get the right cake.

Make mine carrot cake…

Mike Inouye
NBC Bay Area Traffic


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