Itchy Secret


Brent Cannon:
Brent CannonI was on vacation last week, and when I returned, Laura wanted to pick me up at the airport wearing full hazmat gear! I’m talkin’ the space suit, rubber gloves, mask – the whole nine yards.

It all stems from a bad decision on my part. Two weeks ago, I was fly fishing near Downieville, CA. I hiked down to the river, but just a few yards shy of the water the trail ended and there was a thicket of bushes. I did not want to go all the way back and try to find a new way. The water was within a few yards of me. So, I went through the brush. Bad mistake. Turns out there was poison oak in there. I was in shorts and it got all over my legs. I didn’t even realize it at the time. I knew I got scratched up a bit. I had a first aid kit and used an anti-bacterial cleanser. But I didn’t think I got poison oak.

A few days later, I left for Denver. I soon noticed a rash had formed. I went to a doctor in Colorado and found out I had poison oak.

Over the next few days, it really got ugly. Surprisingly, it doesn’t itch that badly. It flares up from time-to-time, but overall it isn’t that bad. It just looks bad. And Laura thinks I have leprosy or something. She thinks it is contagious and she can get it by coming within a few feet of me. (I am being only slightly sarcastic).

It was weird getting on the plane. I had to wear shorts to prevent long pants from rubbing my legs and causing them to itch. Plus, the ointment they gave me is greasy and I didn’t want it to get on my slacks. I was worried people would see my legs and freak out. I thought for sure nobody would sit by me, or that I’d have my own row on the flight back.

They say it might take several weeks to clear up. So – a little secret – I am now wearing shorts below my suit jacket while on the anchor desk. I kind of like the look. Even after I heal, I might keep that look going. Hmmm…

Brent Cannon
NBC Bay Area Anchor


7 Responses to “Itchy Secret”

  1. Mike Inouye Says:

    Brent, if you go with the Bermuda shorts look full time, or even part time, I’m right there with you. Let your blog serve as the update to mine from a couple years ago called “Why I Wear Pants”.

    I’m so glad Laura sits between me and your leg salve.

  2. Carol Schweigert Says:

    Well, I must tell you as Brent’s Mom, the spots and salve were a bit frightening. But I like the shorts and jacket look. Nice legs!!!!!

  3. Kellie Says:

    I like the look – it’s very summery!

  4. Michelle Lim Says:

    It looks good! Plus, you’re wearing appropriate shoes. If you were wearing your dark (knee high?) socks and loafers…Then it would be really weird!

  5. Cinny Says:

    Hmmmmm……make sure Laura doesn’t get it

  6. Cory Marshall Says:

    I vote for board shorts next time Brent, your loyal following-a.k.a the community relations interns will support you no matter what your wardrobe choosing!

  7. june Says:

    hi brent,
    i’m a big fan of you, your wife and the whole crew! the shorts and the nice shirt and tie just don’t go. sorry! i’ll keep watching you anyways.

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