Aisle Get It


Mike Inouye:
Mike InouyeI am honored that my wife chose to “go down the aisle” with me. We married after knowing one another for decades, after dating quite some time and after we knew that we complemented one another on the big stuff in life. I would go down that aisle again in a heartbeat. The aisle where we have trouble is in the grocery store.

My wife is a hunter, as in “Hunter-Gatherer society.” She has her list. She targets the items in the store, regardless of order or placement within the establishment, and nabs them one by one, picking items out of the aisles until complete.

I am a “browser,” like a goat. I roam up and down every aisle, knowing what stuff we need but letting the items on the shelf remind me of anything I’ve forgotten to put on the list, or possibly inspire me.

This difference is usually not a problem because we rarely go grocery shopping together. However, on the occassions where we have co-shopped it has caused tension and quite often a less than satisfactory outing.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying either is a better method. Hers is great when we need to shop for a specific purpose; in and out lightning quick. My style is more handy when we forget to put things on the list (especially when we forget to write down “toilet paper” or “milk”) but demands a much more lenient timeframe.

We have learned that although we love to do most things together, there are some things better done separately. Grocery shopping happens to be one of the latter.

And if you’re wondering what technique the product of a “Hunter-Gatherer” and a “Browser” chooses… he’s currently operating under the “Grazing” methodology.

“What’s the difference between grazing and browsing?” you ask.

Grazing is much more destructive.

Grazers tend to go for the better, more tender foodstuff closer to the ground.

That’s been my toddler’s technique since leaving the confines of the cart. I may have picked up an “unnecessary” thing or two in my browsing but that’s NOTHING compared to what that kid grabs off of the shelf and dumps into our cart when I’m reading a label or checking for freshness.

If I don’t keep better track of his grazing, we’ll soon be broke, regardless of either of our styles.

Mike Inouye
NBC Bay Area Traffic

PS. Come to think of it, “browsing” is also how I do my traffic reporting. I go thru every single incident and pick out the items I need to report, depending on how severe and how many commuters it affects. Hmmm. Interesting parallel.


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