Christmas in… September


Brent Cannon:
Brent CannonIt is time once again for my annual look at the first time I see Christmas displays in stores. As I have mentioned in previous years, they seem to come earlier every year. I need to actually keep a log. But I have seen my first shameless Christmas display already.

The usual suspects include the major department stores or drugs stores, etc. And I do not count those “all Christmas, all the time” shops – the ones that sell Christmas stuff 24/7 – 365 days a year. This time I was stunned to find a massive display at Costco, done only as Costco could do it. They had it all including those white, wire deer that you stick in the front yard (the ones whose heads move and are framed by little white lights). They had blow up elves and massive boxes of cards (I suppose for people with 700 people on their annual card list). They had rolls and rolls of wrapping paper and of course ornaments. Some of the ornaments were the size of Half Moon Bay pumpkins! What would a person do with ornaments that could double as globes? How big is the tree? I mean, they could use these things at 30 Rock in New York.

Anyway, I was stunned at how early I spotted my first Christmas display this year, so I took a picture of Laura modeling some of the goods just to prove it. And keep in mind, I’ve been sitting on this story a few days, so who knows how long it had been there before I saw it and before I ended up writing about it.

Now usually, the second the Christmas stuff is down, they go with the Valentine’s stuff. So, if Christmas stuff is in the store by September, will Valentine’s stuff show up in early October? And if that happens, what about Halloween? We all know they like to put the Halloween candy out in July so you eat it all and have to go buy more. With all the holiday swapping and early marketing, I can’t keep things straight. Pretty soon we’ll have Halloween in March, Christmas in May, Valentine’s Day in August!

It makes me think that naming it Cinco de Mayo is brilliant. The holiday is the actual date. That way nobody can change it. It wouldn’t make sense to have Cinco de Mayo be November 18th. Then again, it is kind of silly to see Christmas stuff in early September too. Hmmm.

Brent Cannon
NBC Bay Area Anchor


2 Responses to “Christmas in… September”

  1. Tina E Says:

    While I appreciate your humorous take on Christmas in September, the reality is that our lives are passing each of us up by at an astonishing rate. I have worked in retail before and I know the planning that goes into buying the holiday goods, but at this point I don’t appreciate the planning anymore. It is just seems greedy now…. I wonder how long it will be before your humor becomes angst?
    By the way, you guys are my favorite morning news!

  2. What Happened to Thanksgiving?! « The Breakfast Blog Says:

    […] In fact, Brent, being as observant as any other toddler, even noted the start of the Christmas marketing machine BACK IN SEPTEMBER!!! […]

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