Hair Raising Situation


Laura Garcia Cannon:
Laura Garcia CannonI was in the makeup room the other day when Scott McGrew walked in, looked in the mirror and said, “Boy I need a haircut.” My first instinct was to offer to cut it. What was I thinking? I have zero haircutting experience. It made me laugh thinking of the same offer I made to my brother when I was about 15. He said he needed a haircut, and I jumped into action and said, oh let me do it! As if I had gone to beauty school! What is worse, that I offered? Or that he said yes? It would probably be the latter as I snipped a little here, snipped a little there. Oh no, I think I just made a hole. Uh.. Let me snip this part too so it’s not as obvious. .. Snip snip, snip.. Oh gosh this is getting worse. Then suddenly I exclaimed, “Uh… all done! And um, I have to go,” I had to get out of there before my brother could actually look in the mirror! I didn’t know I could run that fast! He didn’t have time to remove the makeshift ‘cape’ towel I put around him, before his sylist was out the door.

Recently my brother was visiting. He said, “I need a haircut.” For a second, I thought he was kidding and asked if he remembered my little ‘haircutting incident’ all those years before. Being either a good sport or just the wonderful brother that he is, he said no. But that got me thinking, maybe it wasn’t as bad as I thought! So yes, Scott McGrew, let me cut your hair! My salon is open and ready for appointments!

Laura Garcia Cannon
NBC Bay Area Anchor


4 Responses to “Hair Raising Situation”

  1. Rick n SF Says:

    Funny story, Laura! It reminds me of when my older sister offered to shave me. (I was probably 6 and she was 9) We still have the picture of me sitting on the bathroom counter with my ENTIRE FACE covered in shaving cream. Good times!!

  2. Phyllis Chai Says:

    Funny, Rick”s experience…and YOURS, Laura; it reminded me of when I was about your age, in MA for a summer session of voice lessons, and offered to cut the hair of an older friend; I, too, had no experience, tho’ thought it would be simple to do…Oh me, oh my…I guess it didn’t turn out too badly…and Alice (back in our hometown, Canton, OH) and I are still dear friends. :>)

  3. cinny Says:

    I remember asking my mom for the ‘Farrah Fawcett’ style flip bangs…..I’m sure that brings back good memories to us all in the family

  4. Sandy @ Lafayette Says:


    I want to say, how pleasant this world would be, if we just took more time remembering our happy family times, in stead of rushing to make sure we are going to get it all in before, what the world stops. If we just stop and remember, we find it was the silliest and just in the moment times that are and will always be the best…

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