Brent’s Blog Part Two (Laura’s Perspective)


Laura Garcia Cannon:
Laura Garcia CannonI haven’t read Brent’s blog as I write this but the funny thing is (I heard through the grapevine) we both chose to blog about the same thing! I guess it’s not surprising, we share so much and think a lot alike. And the topic, well once again my friends (oh my, I’m sounding like John McCain) well, my friends, this blog once again is about our dog Chip! But it’s kind of cool. He posed for a magazine!

This month’s San Jose magazine. Celebrities (I don’t know about that part) and their dogs. It was actually a fun shoot at San Jose’s Fairmont Hotel. I think Brent went into the miracle of Chip even being there, but if he didn’t explain Chip’s “llama legs” as we call them, I will here. If you look closely at his little furry legs in the picture you’ll see they are shaved. Not a bad haircut, but it was because he had to have so many IV’s in his front legs as he recovered from a pretty bad fall this summer.

Thanks again to the doctors that saved his life and made life with our little man possible again. And thanks to the good folks at San Jose Magazine and the Fairmont San Jose for featuring the little guy who is the biggest celebrity in our household!

Laura Garcia Cannon
NBC Bay Area Anchor


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