Gadget Friday: WildCharge Phone Charger


Scott McGrew:
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I often fail to charge my phone.  You wouldn’t think plugging something into a wall would be so complicated, but for me it is.

The WildCharge phone charging pad solves that problem.  If you can toss your phone down on a desk, you can charge it.

The WildCharge consists of a small thin metal pad and a rubber protective sleeve for your phone, similar to the one you probably use already.

Here’s the “so simple it’s obvious” part:  on the back of the rubber sleeve are small metal “pips.”  They make contact with the metal plate. The electricity flows from the metal plate, through the pips, and down hidden wires inside the rubber sleeve to the actual charge points on your phone.

The plate is even slightly magnetic, meaning you can toss your phone down casually and it will snap right onto the charge points.

This is a simple practical version of a “wireless” recharging system that is still in development.  There’s nothing magic happening here – your phone still charges in the same manner, it’s just better engineering.

The really neat part is the plate can charge more than one device at once – ultimately you’ll be able to put ALL your devices on the plate and they’ll juice up.   However, as of right now the adapters and sleeves that make it happen are only available for select devices and most notably not (yet) available for iPod.

About $90 for the plate and a phone adapter.

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Scott McGrew
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