Bears In There!


Laura Garcia Cannon:
Laura Garcia CannonEvery year I’m lucky enough to take a weekend dedicated to some of my best friends from college. There are nearly 10 of us that get together each year as long as schedules don’t conflict and babies aren’t being born (which is often in this group). Anyway, eight of us made it this year. We usually pick a different place to go every year and this year it was Tahoe.

We all drove up, flew in, whatever it took to all arrive on a Friday night. We decided to stay in the first night, make dinner together, get caught up in lots of joyful conversation. Three of the girls thought of some bear necessities they needed so they went out of the cabin through the garage because it was raining. We’re girls we don’t like to get our hair wet if we don’t have to. Anyway, they left the garage door up because they would be right back… and they were right back rather quickly, to FIND A BEAR IN THE GARAGE!!!!!

Three girls in an SUV with the lights shining on a bear trying to get into an empty garbage can!Three girls shrieking, “Get the phone, get the camera, somebody call them inside!!” I was part of the party inside the cabin, and quite frankly I’m glad they didn’t call us. What was I supposed to do? Go into the garage to ask the bear to leave? Can you imagine walking into that?

I don’t know if it was the shrieking inside the car or the headlights that made the bear look up, or maybe the thought there was a girls weekend going on (that could be scary for any male)… but the bear just decided to slowly walk away. The three girls came running in barely – no pun intended until after I wrote that- being able to breathe! I honestly couldn’t understand them.. They had to calm down from what they saw to be able to speak again. We all ran out to see the tracks and sure enough, there was the garbage pail lid turned on its side, wet paw prints on the floor. We put that garage door down!

I do have to admit it made us all think twice before we walked out the door later that weekend. Good thing girls like to talk – we stayed in a lot.

Laura Garcia Cannon
NBC Bay Area Anchor


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