Gadget Friday: Hauppauge HD DVR


Scott McGrew:
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The truth is you will either say to yourself, “Wow, I could totally use the Hauppauge HD DVR!” or “I have NO idea what you would need that for.”

It’s like red and blue states – they’ll never see the other guy’s point of view.

The Hauppauge HD DVR is a box that sits on top of your DVR (or DVD, or xBox, or whatever) and records everything that runs through the device.

So – get ready for this – it’s like a DVR for your DVR.

The video signal (from your DVR, your DVD, your xBox, whatever) passes through the unit and continues on to your TV. You watch as normal, but in the background the device is recording the video and transcoding it into the QuickTime H.264 format, which is a very high quality but low size digital file.

You can play this sort of file on your iPod. That’s one of the things you might use it for to record TV to your iPod. Or, you could use it the way I’ve been using it, to record game video from an xBox (which I then show on TV). You could record your games and email your great kills to friends.

You COULD record a Blockbuster DVD to your iPod but that would be illegal. 🙂

Cost: $249
More info:

Scott McGrew
NBC Bay Area Business & Tech Reporter

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