Gadget Friday: Data Dots


Scott McGrew:
Scott McGrewData Dots are very small (100 times smaller than a dime) dots that you paint onto a small section of something you own. The dots are invisible except under UV light, and can be read with a regular magnifying glass.

You paint the dots onto your laptop or cell phone in a place where they won’t easily rub away, such as inside the battery compartment. Your dots contain a unique numeric identifier, which you register online at the company’s website.

Add a sticker that reads “protected by DataDots” and the police know they can find the dots on any recovered stolen items by putting them under a black light. They can go online (the website is actually right on the dot) and type in the number, and get your contact information.

Whether this actually works or not is unclear – the company does not mention any success stories, but then again it’s a fairly new idea.

The sticker that says “protected by DataDots” may be as valuable as the dots themselves – after all, it’s easier to discourage burglars than it is to foil them.

Cost: $29.95
Company website:

Scott McGrew
NBC Bay Area Business & Tech Reporter


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