Cherishing Childhood


Laura Garcia Cannon:
Laura Garcia CannonI was in the grocery store the other day when I spotted a dinosaur. Right there in the baking isle just walking around. Then, in the drug store I saw a little cow. Plain as day, a little cow, mooving around. Am I loosing my mind? No, don’t commit me just yet. Remember, Halloween is right around the corner and one of my favorite things are the days leading up to the day.

This is for all those parents who buy the outfits early so the good one’s aren’t picked over! It makes sense. Your little bundle of joy is going to be the cutest little pumpkin or puppy or lamb around! But when it comes to trying that outfit on at home, watch out! That’s exactly what happened to my sister and her little girl. She brought home a little lamb outfit. Lauren tried it on and well, didn’t want to take it off! My sister called me half laughing, half distressed saying, “What do I do?” I could hear the little lamb shrieking for the full outfit in the background. (She already had the lamb head on). Well Aunt Laura was all for leaving it on.

There is something just so precious to me to see a little superman walking around with his cape, or a dragon with his long tail that just cracks me up. It’s childhood. It’s innocence. It’s not giving a care about what people think about you, you look like a lamb and that’s fun. There’s only a limited amount of life where you can live as carefree enough to go to the store dressed as a chicken. Adulthood will be here before you know it and then, we’ll that’s just not cute anymore.

Laura Garcia Cannon
NBC Bay Area Anchor

Editor’s Note: Send photos of your kids in costume to – we’ll show some Friday morning on NBC Bay Area News


One Response to “Cherishing Childhood”

  1. julie burke Says:

    Hello Laura-

    I watch you and Brent everyday- Keep up the good work. Your blogs are by far the best.

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