What if Some Voters Really Do Believe Politicians?


Scott McGrew:
Scott McGrewOn this, the day after the election, I wonder to myself about campaign promises. We’re all used to politicians not living up to their promises – “They’ll say anything to get elected” is a common voter refrain.

George HW Bush said he wouldn’t raise taxes. And he did. Bill Clinton said he would reform healthcare, and did not.

But the campaign promises I’m most curious about involve the other side – the losing side. I wonder to myself after every election about the Joe the Plumbers* of the world. Those who really, truly believed in their cause, but lost.

Joe claimed an Obama win would spell “the end of Israel.” Joe claimed Obama was a Marxist who would “spread the wealth.” Sarah Palin claimed Obama “pals around with terrorists who would bomb their own country.”

Joe even believed – entirely incorrectly – that Obama would raise his taxes.

Now, I realize that some of what’s said in elections are hyperbole. I realize most voters listen to such claims and dismiss them.

But just as there are voters who really, truly believe the candidate they support will live up to all his or her promises, I speculate there are gullible people like Joe, and politicians like Palin who really, truly believe the candidate they DON’T support WILL cause all the problems their side predicted.

So, either Joe was kidding all along, just riding the wave of popularity, or he’s in Ohio right now, planning on paying more in taxes to a Marxist president who will not support Israel. There’s a governor in Alaska who really does believe the White House will be open to terrorists.

The question is, will they be disappointed or relieved when they find out how wrong they were?

*Joe the Plumber is not, and has never been a licensed plumber. Our news organization – and every other news organization – still called him that. Thus, from here on out, I would like to be known as Scott the Ophthalmologist. I have no license to practice Ophthalmology, but I do wear contacts. Thanks.

Scott McGrew
NBC Bay Area Business & Tech Reporter


One Response to “What if Some Voters Really Do Believe Politicians?”

  1. Mike Inouye Says:

    Great question, Scott.

    Regarging your note about “Joe the Plumber” and the newly crowned “Scott the Ophthalmologist” reminds me of “Laura the Hairstylist” in a Hair Raising Situation by Laura. This should not be confused with Hair Raising Experiences by yours truly.

    When are my glasses going to be ready?!

    – Mike the Traffic Guy
    (a genuine title)

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