Trivia Challenged


Mike Inouye:
Mike InouyePie wedges.

That’s what I think of when I hear “trivia,” and the image of “Trivial Pursuit” pops into my head.

For the uninitiated:
“Trivial Pursuit” is a game in which players gain one piece (which resembles a wedge of pie) for each of the categories in which a question is answered correctly. The first player to answer correctly for all 6 categories is the winner.

This coming Saturday night (November 8, 2008), I’ll be the emcee for the Junior League of San Jose‘s inaugural Silicon Valley Trivia Challenge at the Tech Museum in San Jose. This is a team competition held as a fundraiser for the JLSJ and their worthy causes.

Though I love trivia and trivia games, I was always especially weak in the Sports category. Other areas can use a lot of improvement as well. That’s why I could have used a team aspect to my Trivial Pursuit bouts in years past. I think the Morning Team would have be a great ensemble. Well rounded; expertise in areas of politics, business, technology, science and pop culture… Hmmm… maybe we should compete next year.

If you want to come out and join us for a fun evening of friendly competition, I’d love to see you there.

Word on the street is that there’ll be delicious food as well.

Perhaps I’ll get a pie wedge after all. 😉

Mike Inouye
Non-Trivial Traffic Anchor
NBC Bay Area


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