Would You Drink It?


Laura Garcia Cannon:
Laura Garcia CannonWe had quite a story on the air today.. Did you catch it? Let me recap – hope you’re not thirsty… here’s our script:

When astronauts onboard the space shuttle endeavor head to space on Friday… They’ll bring into orbit something most of us would rather not think about. A mini-sewage treatment plant will be delivered to the international space station. The new system will be efficient enough to turn fluids like urine – human sweat – and bath water, into drinking water! Water is at a premium up in space, and scientists say all moisture needs to be recycled, regardless of how gross the prospect sounds. Astronauts you’re in for a treat!

How is it that NASA would let this incredible technology story come out? Don’t they want to encourage children to join the space program? So it got us asking around in the newsroom, would you drink it? Well would you? I said I’d rather be dehydrated…

Laura Garcia Cannon
NBC Bay Area News


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