Gadget Friday: Flip Minio HD


Scott McGrew:
Scott McGrewFlip Minio HD $229

We’ve seen the Flip video camera before. It’s that video camera that’s about the size of a pack of cards and uses no tape – it plugs right into your computer.

Flip has had huge success with its cameras. They’re cheap, easy to use, and pretty shock proof. They’re very small, meaning they’ll fit in a pocket, and because (in the past) they’ve been so inexpensive, you can take them to the beach and not worry that much about damaging or losing it.

That formula has translated into great success for Flip, which now has a majority of the market share in video cameras.

The latest, the Minio HD, changes things a bit. It’s expensive – $229. So, I’d be pretty bummed if I dropped it in the water at the seashore.

For the extra expense, though, you get high definition video. It’s really quite amazing when you think of it – an HD video camera that fits in your pocket for a little bit more than $250.

It easily hooks to your computer so you can burn the movie to dvd or send the video to a video service like SmugMug. You can’t easily email HD video – the files are just too large.

Note when I say “HD”, it’s 720. That may not mean much to you, but *true* HD (the kind NBC shows are broadcast in) is 1080. CBS and Fox shows are 720, and you’d be hard pressed to tell the difference. But I thought I would point that out.

Scott McGrew
NBC Bay Area Business & Tech Reporter


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