Sit Sasha Sit, Good Dog… I Said Sit Sasha…


Craig Herrera:
Craig HerreraTraining dogs and puppies can be quite the adventure. Just when you think your dog has mastered a command like sit, it turns out the master needs to sit and figure out another way to train Fido. After all, training a dog, especially an alpha dog, to have good behavior based on human commands can be “ruff” sometimes… sorry, I couldn’t resist.

I’ve always believed my cute little dog Sasha was so well behaved, and she is, but sometimes I wish I could correct some behaviors that I don’t think are always good. For example, she jumps on people when they come over for a friendly visit because she gets so excited to see the person. She also likes to sit in the kitchen when I am in there. I have a tiny kitchen, and I don’t think she should be in there when I’m preparing a meal. I also want her to stop sitting near the table when we are eating dinner and I also want her to stop snapping at other dogs when we go to the dog park.

We also have a new puppy, a 6-month-old Rhodesian Ridgeback, Kaia, and we want her to be well-behaved because she will be about 100 pounds when she is full grown. The last thing I want is for her to jump up on a guest because she is happy to see them at the front door. I’m sure my guests would appreciate it too! πŸ™‚

dogtip1So, I recently went to San Ramon with one of our producers Dana and photojournalist Mark to meet with a man named Don Schellenberg of Bark Busters. Bark Busters is a company that works with humans in training their dogs. Don was amazing and so good at helping us with so many tips. We spent several hours with Don and I wish I had more time to work with him and my two dogs, but the time I did have has helped me tremendously!

I’ve learned from Don that many of Sasha’s actions are based on her thinking she needs to be in control, showing her dominance and trying to establish herself as the alpha dog and in command. Don taught me that I need to be the alpha dog, or alpha anyway, and I need to help her so she knows she can relax, and just play and be a dog.

Don did it all without treats which was great. And he stressed the importance of training dogs to help relieve tension and frustration in homes which results in saving more dogs lives! Those dogs provide so much unconditional love, and they look to us for guidance. Now, I have more tools to help me guide my dogs and we’d like to share some of those tips with you and maybe to help you too. Tune into our morning show weekdays at 6:30AM for some of the tips Don Schellenberg of Bark Busters shared with us! I think you’ll like them. They are already making a difference in our home, I hope they help you too. Have a great day and hug your kids and pets today! πŸ™‚

Craig Herrera
NBC Bay Area News


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