Holiday Parade


Brent Cannon:
Brent CannonIt is time once again for the San Jose Holiday Parade. It is Sunday, December 7th in downtown San Jose.

The South Bay has something special. This is rated one of the top 25 parades in the country. They get great local marching bands, an assortment of giant balloons and usually a national celebrity or two.

NBC Bay Area has been a part of the event for many years now, and several of us will be there once again this year. Plus, we’ll televise the parade as well.

Laura and I will be there, along with Mike, Craig and Bob. They always have a convoy of classic cars, and we will each ride on those this year. Laura and I also plan to bring our little dog Chip. I am not sure what he will wear. We may just wrap him in a blanket to protect against the cold morning air. Since he is a little dog I notice he gets cold and shivers. He is no hardy huntin’ dog. Or, Laura might make him wear Christmas antlers, or maybe a Santa hat. He will not like either option.

I think the weather will be great. We have been lucky the past few years. A few times it has been cold to start the day – but no rain to speak of. I think it will be another fine morning for a parade Sunday.

We look forward to seeing the thousands of people who will come out to watch. I know it is an annual holiday tradition for many families, so we look forward to continuing that.

See ya out there!

Brent Cannon
NBC Bay Area Anchor


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