Chip Steals the Show


Laura Garcia Cannon:
Laura Garcia CannonOh what fun it is to ride… in a convertible classic cherry red Ford Mustang! Brent and I were treated to a ride in one of the classic cars from the South Bay’s Mustang and Thunderbird car club this weekend for the San Jose Holiday Parade. brent-laura-paradeIt’s always a fun event and this year the weather was great! Brent and I bundled up and headed out the door a little earlier than usual because we had a little guest, our dog Chip joining us. When I went to his little cabinet drawer where I keep his food, treats, sweaters, he knew something was up. I pulled out a Santa outfit and he started running around like crazy. He knew we were going somewhere. We piled in the car and before you knew it we were downtown where we greeted the rest of the morning crew – Scott McGrew, Mike Inouye with his son Mason and Craig Herrera with his dog Sasha!

We were all quickly shuttled over to the HP Pavilion where we got into our appointed cars and waited for the parade to start. Wfloathen it did – I don’t think Chip knew what hit him! So many people lining the parade route… And screaming his name! His little puppy head was whipping back and forth, right and left ever time it was shouted. It was really funny, but I think he was wondering where in the heck we brought him. It was the perfect medicine for a hyper little terrier. Dancers, balloons, floats, Santa. By the time we got to the car he was ready to conk out. He was so tired. It made for a perfect afternoon for us to put up the Christmas Tree. No little puppy getting in the box of garland, he was asleep!

Laura Garcia Cannon
NBC Bay Area Anchor


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