The Goat That Brought Two Anchors Together


Brent Cannon:
Brent CannonScott mentioned a website the other morning – – and mentioned how he could jokingly give a goat to his sister for Christmas via that site. He then showed a picture of his sister, as well as the little goat.


The goat caused me to have a flashback of my fist date with Laura. So, now I have to explain.

Laura and I met while working for competing stations in Fresno, which is a whole story of its own. We exchanged phone numbers, and I decided to ask her out. But I wasn’t sure about a big, serious date. I thought I’d make it something more casual and fun – take the pressure off by doing something a little less formal. So, I asked if she wanted to go to lunch and the zoo one afternoon.

Laura worked in the ABC station’s bureau in Visalia. So, she drove to Fresno and I drove to lunch and the zoo.

On the way to the zoo, I asked how long she thought she might be there. I meant, how long did she anticipate staying in the Fresno/Visalia market. My thinking was that if the date went well, should I pursue things? If she was trying to advance to a larger market, it might be a waste of time to attempt building a new relationship. But, she took my question to mean how long she was going to stay in Fresno that afternoon – as if I was already wondering when she might be leaving to return to her Visalia apartment. She thought I was already getting bored or something, and I was figuring out how to spend the rest of my day.

Anyway, we got that squared away and continued to the zoo. One of the stops was inside a little petting zoo area, where they had cute little goats, which looked just like the one in Scott’s story – hence the flashback.

Anyway, the rest of the day went well and we had fun. Obviously, there were other dates and well – the rest is history. We got married, moved from the Fresno market, and here we are anchoring the morning news – going on nine years in the Bay Area. And a little black billy goat is part of the story.

Brent Cannon
NBC Bay Area Anchor


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