The Inouye Old School House Party


Mike Inouye:
Mike InouyeI think I’m old fashioned.


My son’s birthday was at the end of December and we had, amongst other family festivities, a small party with a few of his more frequent playmates… Strike that, he’s just turned three and at that age they don’t play WITH each other so much as NEAR each other. I guess they’re more like “other kids he plays AROUND.”

No matter.

My wife and I threw him a little party where the kids made their own pizzas, even choosing the toppings they wanted (or didn’t want, as you see from these pictures).


After the pizzas were cooked and NOT eaten, and the juice/punch fueled kiddies had filled their tummies with Goldfish crackers, cake and ice cream instead, they escaped to the play area for another hour of playing near each other.

No fights, no crying… it was a GREAT party.

Later, we got a message from one of our friends sharing some pictures and letting us know how much she enjoyed coming to an “old fashioned” birthday party that someone actually had at their house. (After thinking about it, we realized in his scant three years of party-going he’d celebrated birthdays at Gymboree, KidsPark, Pump It Up and a number of other pretty big shindigs at parks around the Bay Area.)

Our pizza party was not intended to be any sort of counter-culture statement. In fact, we thought it was actually kind of lazy of us. It does, however, seem to be a bit different than the type of suggestion you find as a result of a simple web search for “kids birthday party”. (Click here to see some results.)

Imagine that: we managed to have a cool birthday party, one that was not the same old thing, by having the same old “home” party I used to have when I was a kid.

So, the party was old fashioned… which made it new fashioned…

I hope that doesn’t cause some sort of infinite loop or weird rift in the time-space continuum.

I think I’m old fashioned.


Mike Inouye
Pizza Party Animal
NBC Bay Area Traffic Anchor


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