How Have You Been?


Craig Herrera:
Craig HerreraI love catching up with friends of old! For me, one of the best parts of life is collecting friends along the journey. And even though we lose touch, they are often in my mind. Different people come into my mind at different times, it all depends on what I might be doing. A memory of an old friend might make me smile while I’m watching an old TV show, or I might be visiting a city or restaurant, or maybe a song on the radio, or it might be a movie that will spark a memory of a friend I’ve made in my adventures. I am so happy that I am now in touch with so many old friends, all thanks to the internet and a little web site called Facebook, perhaps you’ve heard of it! 🙂

Our morning show Executive Producer John Peck started a Facebook page for our morning team last summer and since we did, and I started my own page, and I have had so much fun catching up with old friends, or should I state, friends I’ve made in life.

craigyearbookI love it! I’ve found old roommates from college, old co-workers and most recently, old high school friends. The timing is just perfect too as I need to plan our 20th Class Reunion in the summer of 2010. I have 17 months to find everyone and plan this milestone and I’m so happy to say I’ve tracked down about 10 percent of my class already. And many other friends who were in different classes before and after me. It’s fun to learn where they live, what they are doing and how life has changed as they have become adults in different parts of the country and world. For example, one of classmates now lives in Belize and has her own business. A few are in Portland where one is working with children on The Mentoring Project, and one is raising a family and home schooling her children. While some have moved, one is back in Germany, another is in Dallas, and many are near home and raising beautiful families. One was even elected a U.S. Congressman in the last election. craigyearbook2I grew up in a small town called Pojoaque, New Mexico, it’s about 10 miles north of Santa Fe, between Santa Fe, Taos and Los Alamos, and it’s so great to hear from some of my classmates. When I said I found 10 percent of my class, I mean all 12 of them! My graduating class was a just over 100, so I hope I can round them all up in time for our reunion in the summer of 2010. I was honored to be Class President, so I think the duty of organizing the reunions fell in my laps back in 1990, and I gladly accepted and now I’m working to make sure we get it all together. This has just been one of my journeys back in time on Facebook, oh what fun!

Craig Herrera
NBC Bay Area Meteorologist


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