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Here’s to “old” technology

February 7, 2009

Brent Cannon: Brent CannonI read an article in the San Jose Mercury news the other day which said Santa Clara University is taking the phone lines out of dorm rooms. Seems modern students don’t use the old “land-line” phones. They all have cell phones now – so there is no need for the “old fashioned” phones.

But I beg to differ, and here’s why. First – students claimed nobody ever called the old phone in the dorm room. I say, people will call if they know the number. I doubt people don’t call because they have a ‘hang up” about calling an old phone. Sure they’ll call. If they think you are in your room – they’ll call. Why not?

Second – In an emergency the old land line is the best bet. When the power fails, a cell phone will eventually need to be re-charged and will eventually “die” especially if you are making a lot of calls – which will tend to be the case in an emergency. Land lines can still function when the power is out.

Third – service is also likely to not work for a cell phone in an emergency. Cell sites get jammed and calls don’t go through. Land lines are more reliable and more likely to be able to place and accept calls when cell phones cannot.

Fourth – you don’t have to sign long contracts and agreements with land lines.

The downside is that land lines are not mobile and cannot take pictures. But when all you need to do is have a conversation with somebody – they work just fine.

So, from my perspective – land lines may not be in vogue – but they still can play an important and functional roll. Here’s to the old, outdated, not so cool technology of the olden days!