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Chip’s Recovery

August 1, 2008

Laura Garcia CannonAnyone who knows me knows how much I love my dog. Chip is a big part of our lives. Happy, loving, just a little living stuffed animal. He recently had a life threatening accident that put him in a coma, oxygen tank and a list of medications for some time. We used to call him ‘little man,’ now it’s more like ‘miracle man.’ I never took a day with him for granted before (ok, sometimes I maybe complained about having to go out for walks even when I was tired), but now.. I can’t look at him without thinking, “miracle,” and how unbelievably blessed I am to still have him in our lives. If you have a pet, and don’t know where there is an emergency hospital close to your house, find out. Find out now before you need one. I knew, in fact I had the number programmed into our phone, and it made the difference in saving his life!

Thanks to the great great people at United Emergency Animal Clinic in San Jose: all the staff, especially Dr. Judy Owens who jumped into immediate action. Taking over from there was the incredible crew from South Bay Veterinary Specialists who all know who Chi” is now… he lived there for a while while recovering. Dr. Clare and Dr. Sergeeff are on my cell phone speed dial. I won’t name the rest of the staff for fear of leaving someone out, but even Chip took to a certain new girlfriend in there – you know who you are!!!!

His recovery has been amazing by the way. Day-by-day I’ve seen our little dog come back from being incredibly sick to… well, chipper! From being on strict bed rest to starting to walk, then play.. he’s now back to his old tricks – literally trying to give me a “high five” or “play dead” which really isn’t funny anymore, since he practically was. Ugh.

He has so incredibly improved in health he even made a star appearance that you’ll soon see in San Jose Magazine this fall. He’s more popular than us! He had a photo shoot. I guess we’re reduced to just being his “handlers” so to speak… which is ok with me… if he was a cat he definitely used one of his nine lives. Here is a behind the scenes picture of his photo shoot. You can see how much he means to both of us.

Laura Garcia Cannon
NBC Bay Area Anchor


Panicked Exit

July 23, 2008

Laura Garcia CannonThey say never to yell “Fire” in a crowded movie theater. A modern day equivalent situation happened to me last week. Brent and I took our nephew to see the movie “Dark Knight.” Yes, I called my sister, his Mom, before to make sure it was ok…. Anyway, we’re about an hour and a half into the film and lights start flashing, alarms start going off, the film stops rolling, the lights come up and a calm woman’s recorded voice tells us there is an emergency and we must exit the theater.

I immediately thought, “Awww, someone pulled the fire alarm!” But you can’t take chances with
something like that, so everyone got up and started to exit. A similar thing had strangely happened to us about three weeks earlier at the end of a Sunday Mass. I promise, no coincidence, we in no way were we involved, but everyone got up and calmly exited. I guess we figured we had God on our side on that one, but watching the “Dark Knight” it was a strangely different experience. A woman behind us started saying, “I’ve got to go, I’ve got to go, let me through, I’m getting out of here!!” The panic in her voice was intense. Then she started pushing. Being an over protective Aunt, highly responsible for my sister’s child, my nephew was the first one on my mind. Brent’s a big boy I knew he would lead the way. He did, and we ended up getting somehow funneled to the roof of the theater. Kind of not a good place to be if a building is burning down. But it wasn’t, thank goodness. It was a false alarm.

Now, the huge crowds scattered on top of and outside of the buildings had to somehow find their way back into the theater, but enough popcorn on the ground led the way… the movie was restarted where it left off, but made the 2 1/2 hour movie more like 3 1/2. I ended up having to leave the theater early because it ran into another appointment I had. I had to have Brent and our nephew give me the recap… a Dark Knight it was, strange afternoon. It felt like the Joker really was involved!

Laura Garcia Cannon
NBC Bay Area Anchor

Grandmother’s Gift

July 10, 2008

Laura Garcia CannonI just spent the afternoon with my Grandmother on her 94th birthday. What an amazing woman she is. She arrives downstairs glowing. Silver hair forming the perfect waves around her beautiful radiant face,”Oh Laurie, it’s so good to see you,” she says with a smile. Her frail arms give me a mighty hug and I’m filled with warmth and wonderful appreciation for this remarkable woman in my life.

She remains as sharp as a tack, but admits sometimes it’s hard to hear, so I get close to her face to tell her happy birthday and how wonderful she looks. She waves her hand off as if I’m crazy, but it’s true. To help her hear, I remain face to face looking deep into her beautiful gray eyes. It gives me a glimpse, if only for a brief moment, of the many full years she’s had in her life.

She gets up hurriedly as if she has something urgent to attend to. “Oh I have something for you!” she proclaims, “sit down here and I’ll go get it!” She bounds back up the stairs insisting she needs no help, so I sit back down and wait. If Grandma says to sit, you sit. I learned that long ago.

Moments later, she’s back downstairs holding a tattered paper she mistook for a menu from the restaurant she owned at one time with my Grandfather. She had been wanting to show me the menu for a while. “We sold chile relleno for 20 cents and tax was a penny! Can you believe the prices!” she exclaimed. But because her eyesight has grown weak, she had instead grabbed a paper someone must have given her from a birthday long ago. It was filled with prices of common goods back in 1914, the year she was born.

Population: 99,11,000
Three bedroom home: $2,575
Average Income: $518
A new Ford: $490
Gas: 35 cents
Bread: 6 cents
Milk: 35 cents
Stamp: 2 cents
Women in the work force 18.1%

I couldn’t help to think, we’ve come a long way baby, in so many ways. Gas upwards of $4.50, I saw a gallon of organic milk for $6+ on the way home! I felt bad for the industrial size bag of pita chips I had just bought at Costco for a whopping $5.99 – nearly 100% higher than what her mother had paid for a loaf of bread to feed an entire family! In this day and age of foreclosures and mortgage messes, need I say more about the house for $2575? Yes, two thousand five hundred seventy five dollars!

Times change. Oh yes they do.. and in her 94 years on this planet, she has seen so much, done so much, I marvel at her continued energy. I hope I inherit her strength, perseverance and tenacity. I know I’ve already got her sweet tooth as we spent the rest of the afternoon munching on cookies, talking, laughing, sharing. For a moment, I felt 8 again, and she, perhaps 38. A wonderful afternoon with my Grandmother of 94. What a gift she gave me on her birthday!

Laura Garcia Cannon
NBC11 Anchor

Relay for Life

June 30, 2008

Laura Garcia CannonWhat an event filled weekend! When Brent and I aren’t coming to you live on air Monday through Friday, often times you can find us out in the community hosting events sponsored by the station and serving as master of ceremonies. I got to do just that on Saturday morning for the Almaden Relay for Life. Who knew what would start as a “station appearance” would end up being such a personal moving experience, leading to wonderful new friendships and a lot of support.

I don’t talk a lot about my very personal life, it’s not news, it’s well, personal. But to the group I was talking to on Saturday, I needed to. You see, the Almaden Relay for Life is put on by the American Cancer Society. Teams of walkers sign up to walk around the clock for those who have battled cancer, those who have lost their lives to the disease, and to fight to find a cure. The event raises awareness and funds to help those touched by cancer and empower people to fight back against the disease.

I hosted the race last year when I sadly informed the crowd that cancer hit close to home for me too. My mother was diagnosed in the spring of 2006. Two years to the day she was diagnosed sadly enough, we had her funeral. She passed away on Valentine’s Day earlier this year. It is such a great loss in my life, it’s until now can I even blog about it. But after this weekend, I now understand how important it is to let others battling this disease and their friends and families know that you are not alone.

I did well up a bit mc’ing the event, telling many in the crowd who had heard about my personal journey against the disease that it had claimed the life of the woman who gave me life. But little did I know, the incredible support I would receive from complete strangers. A hug, a pat on the back, kind words, true understanding for the incredible loss, because many in this crowd had been through the very same thing.

I made some wonderful new friends at an event where I just thought I would be making an appearance. A complete stranger asked if I would round the laps with her relay team. One lap became two, two became three and so on and so on. She had lost her father two years prior. She shared her pain, I shared mine. We talked, we cried, we laughed. It’s odd to think it was actually cancer that bonded us… If you’ve lost a loved one to this horrible disease, you are not alone. If you’re fighting it, give it your all. Take it one day at a time as my mom used to say. If you’re a caretaker, family member or friend of someone fighting, make every day count. Be there for them.

Thanks to the great people that put on the event, and for the beautiful Luminaria Ceremony. At dusk they line up luminarias enscribed with peoples names that are fighting the disease or those that have lost the battle. They are left burning throughout the night to remind participants of the incredible importance of their contributions. Thanks for letting me write my mom’s name on one. The light she gave me in life will never go out. It was a fitting tribute. The event ended up being one of the most personal I’ve ever attended. Thanks to all those involved.

Laura Garcia Cannon
NBC11 Anchor

Too-MAY-to, Too-MAH-toe

June 12, 2008

Laura Garcia CannonWhen the first salmonella scare came out this past weekend about tainted tomatoes I must have been on a plane, in the air, returning from a week off on vacation. We knew the cupboards were bare at home, so we went out to lunch. Ordering a salad, I didn’t complain to the waitress, but the first thing I noticed was, where were my tomatoes?!? Perhaps they forgot. Then my sandwich came. No tomatoes! I still didn’t say anything, no big deal, but I did notice, the red ripe culinary treat I love were missing.

I love tomatoes. I could eat them like apples. Sliced, salted, lovely. One of my definite favorites. When the bountiful harvest of the jeweled treats arrive in farmers markets and grocery stores, I’m the first to fill my cart. I even take on the challenge of growing a different variety every year. My Dad always had a garden when I was growing up and I remember closely inspecting the tomato vines learning when they were ripe for picking.

So this year, when the salmonella scare eliminated some varieties except for cherry, grape, those with the vine attached, and homegrown tomatoes, I knew I was safe! I had my trusty vine in the backyard to check. Except… it was gone! I think Brent thought it was a weed! Out trimming a few weeks ago he yanked it. It reminded me of when we were first married he decided to go out and trim what he thought were hedges. They were gardenias that I had been fertilizing with zillions of buds ready to burst into the beautiful fragrant flowers reminding me of those I carried in my wedding bouquet. No more blooms, the plants were now cut into little round balls. When Brent called me into the yard to show me how proud he was of his ‘trimming’ I was at a loss for words. He was so excited, I was so sad. But it was hard to criticize the guy who was filled with the good intentions of just ‘tending to the garden.’ He was being a good new husband. We laugh about it now.

I haven’t mentioned to him that he pulled up my tomato plant yet, or the oregano or thyme. I’ll just head on over to the farmers market, and he can be proud of his ‘trimming.’

Laura Garcia Cannon
NBC11 Anchor


May 29, 2008

Laura Garcia CannonWell, I did it. I presented the commencement speech at Saint Mary’s College to the graduating class of 2008 this past weekend. It was one of the greatest honors I’ve ever had. I knew it at the time. That’s what made it even more special. Dressed in my official cap and gown, walking into the stadium with Pomp and Circumstance playing, I felt an overwhelming amount of pride and responsibility. I tried to take in the feeling of the day. I looked into the crowd to capture the faces of parents beaming – looking for their children in a sea of black graduation caps. I walked by hundreds of graduates surrounded by their classmates and friends, I could see the gleam in their eyes filled with the anticipation of the day in front of them. It was the culmination of four years of very hard work. It was their college graduation, and I was fortunate to be a big part of it.

When I reached the stage I sighed… looked around and smiled. This was it, this was real, it was an honor. I knew it was an image I’d want to keep forever. So, I made a point to create a mental snapshot in my mind. I looked to my left to see Brent and my father sitting in the VIP section. To know they were there supporting me meant so much. In front of me, I had the best view of all the students. Smiling, happy, this day was for them. I needed to make it special. To my left and right I was seated by the Saint Mary’s College President, Provost, Past President and various Deans, Trustees, fellow Regents and Professors. I held my speech in my hands, I was ready. I wrote the speech for the students and I hoped it would make a difference in their lives, create a little memory for them on this special day. I wanted to offer a little advice, and offer a lot of support. Little did I know how much I would take out of this day. It was a great moment for this former graduate. One I will never forget.

I was touched by the students who stopped by on the way to get their diploma to shake my hand, to say thank you. To be approached by former professors to say it was the best they’d heard in 20 years I was taken aback… it was a great moment. A great day to give back to the school that gave so much to me. Thank you Saint Mary’s and the class of 2008 for the honor. Truly an honor.

Laura Garcia Cannon
NBC11 Anchor

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Commencement Challenge

May 19, 2008

Laura Garcia CannonI’ve got a huge weekend ahead of me. One filled with responsibility, intellect, and hopefully some inspiration. I have been asked to be the commencement speaker at Saint Mary’s College of California. Yes, my alma mater. What an honor! For a woman that gets paid to talk, I was at a loss of words when the President of the school called me earlier this year to ask me if I would consider it. Consider it? How could I say no? Why would anyone turn down such an honorable distinction? Now that I’ve agreed, I’ve determined why one would turn it down. What are you supposed to say? How can you be profound enough to guide 2500 undergraduate students as they embark on the biggest change of their lives? I spent the weekend, locked away writing, except for a few occasional walks of the dog to clear my mind, and my regular Sunday Morning Mass to pray for direction.

A weekend of writing, pondering, questioning, what can I leave with these graduates? What will they remember… ? What do they need to know? What would you say? If you could give one piece of advice to a college graduate what would it be? I’ve asked friends and family and an interesting pause followed by a glance to the heavens comes over them. You don’t want the cliche “aim high” kind of speech. You want to make a lasting impression. Can you make a lasting impression in today’s day and age of quick sound bites, senseless blogs and text messages that reduce the English language to letters? What would a graduate want to hear? What do they need to hear? What would you say? Interesting to think about don’t you think? Wish me luck.

Laura Garcia Cannon
NBC11 Anchor

Late Night

May 16, 2008

Laura Garcia CannonWhy am I not here today? Because I was out “very late” last night! As a morning anchor that gets up at 2:45 a.m. anything past 7 p.m. is usually late night to me. On Thursday night, I went way past that, but it was all for a good cause, in support of the YWCA. They annually host what is called the “Twin Awards.” It is an event that recognizes successful female executives for their outstanding achievements. The women are nominated by companies and organizations in the Silicon Valley. The nominator must be the CEO or highest-ranking local officer or director in the company. The women are very accomplished, and kind. I always enjoy being the emcee for the event on behalf of NBC11.  I meet women who are able to juggle demanding careers, motherhood, households, marriage and just the day to day lists of things to do at both work and home effortlessly.

More so, proceeds from the event go to the YWCA. What a service they provide to the community, every day, 24 hours a day. With a Rape Crisis Center to help victims in need, counseling services, family services, and youth services, just to name a few, they are the true example of what it means to serve a community and people in a time of need.

You won’t be able to see my dark circles this morning, but I earned them for a good cause.

Laura Garcia Cannon
NBC11 Anchor

The Boys

May 6, 2008

Laura Garcia CannonToo bad I’ve been so busy lately I could be making something for “The Boys” as I affectionately call them. Being the only female on the set with Brent, Mike, Craig and Scott they are “The Boys.” I’m the one girl so I have to put up with all the “shopping” “talking” stereotyping women jokes they have. Ok, maybe most of them are true. But it’s funny and fun being the only woman with them. I love the boys. They are funny, smart, quick witted and really hold their own against this little feisty gal. I love coming to work in the morning and working with all of them. They are the best. That’s why I think they deserve something nice.. Ha ha.. Which is also why I like to play jokes on them… How about this?

I recently took a sewing class. I thought it would be cool to learn what so many mothers did effortlessly when we were kids growing up! I still have the little dress and Halloween costumes my Mom made for me when I was a little. When she had left over material she would make clothes for my Barbie. How cool was that?! Well, while I’m not sewing dresses and Barbie clothes, I have mastered a pillowcase and pajama pants. Now my next project… something for “The Boys”.. Suggestions? How about vests that I make them wear on air one day! You know, one with buttons all over it for Mike, Zippers for Craig ha ha… Oooh homemade ties for Brent and Scott.. I can see the crazy flannel patterns now!! Maybe if I get really creative I can bedazzle them! What do you think? Maybe some dangly bobs hanging off the bottom like a matador? Oh this is going to be great! I see a funny news segment in their future… and a lot of work on my plate… I’ve got to go fire up the sewing machine!!!!

Laura Garcia Cannon
NBC11 Anchor

Canine Fun in Carmel

May 2, 2008

Laura Garcia CannonIf I need a quick one tank get away, my first thought is Carmel-by-the-Sea. It’s the perfect day trip or entire weekend getaway that won’t break the bank, as long as you don’t spend too much while you’re there! If you want to keep it economical, grab a coffee and window shop! It’s a great girlfriend getaway, as my friend Dina spoiled her bridesmaids and took us there one weekend. Strolling, eating, shopping – there’s beautiful parks to stop to watch the world go by, or people watch the elegantly dressed residents. A stop on the way back at Pebble Beach, made for a weekend you’d want to repeat again and again.

Not to be left out, Brent and I returned to Carmel for a day trip with our little dog Chip. If you’ve been there, you know it’s very dog friendly. Judging by the multitude of outdoor restaurants that let your dog sit with you, or the infamous “Fountain of Woof” a dogs only drinking fountain in the Carmel Plaza Shopping Center, it’s dog heaven. I never seem to leave Diggidy Dog and Mackie’s Parlour without a little something.

I’ve yet to stay at Doris Day’s Cypress Inn, but it’s said they have doggy-biscuit turn down service, and a dog sitter if you want to get away for dinner minus the dog. This is just one of many dog friendly inns. Don’t forget to stop at the ocean itself before you leave town, where all dogs big and small can romp in the waves. It’s a surefire way to bring a smile to your face, and a very tired dog for the short drive back home. As I write this, I wish I were there, but knowing it’s a one tank trip, it will be sure to be on my agenda sometime soon!

Weather advice: bring a light coat or jacket, or you’ll be taking home a “Carmel-by-the-Sea” fleece as a little souvenir! I have a red one, ha ha.

Laura Garcia Cannon
NBC11 Anchor