Olympic Daydreams


Craig Herrera

And I win GOLD!!!


Well… in my own mind.  I love the Olympics!  It’s funny, every time the Olympics come around, I like to picture myself as an Olympian, and oh yeah, on the podium too.  With every work out, every bike ride and every swim, I imagine that I am competing with the best in the world (except Michael Phelps), and I can hear the commentator on the television cheering on my name as if I am winning and setting new records!  The crowd roars and screams as I win gold.


Am I alone in this daydream of mine?  I was at the community swimming pool last week and I overheard a group of kids and I think they were having the same fun I was having.  One kid jumped into the pool, the others gave him an 8.0 for too much splash on his entry into the pool.  The next kid did a simple, oh wait, a complex cannonball and his friends gave him a 9.5 for degree of difficulty.  I laughed to myself because I realized I am not alone in my little daydream.  It was so much fun to see others doing tricks and imagining that they were competing at the Olympic games!   


I also have to admit that I have Olympic music on my iPod too.  Yes, THE Olympic music you hear on the NBC Network.  I picked up the CD “Summon The Heroes” (by John Williams) after the 2000 Sydney Olympic Games.  I added it to the Olympic music collection I started while I worked at the United States Olympic Committee in Colorado Springs, Colorado back in the mid 90s.  I’ll save that blog for next week, because that was such an incredible experience too! 


I also have to admit I listen to my Olympic music while I am at the gym, and in my car.  I have the Olympic fever and I hope you get some time to enjoy the Olympics in Beijing.  GOLD!


Craig Herrera

NBC Bay Area WeatherPlus Meteorologist


5 Responses to “Olympic Daydreams”

  1. cd Says:

    Your are GOLD!

  2. Lowell Tan Says:

    Great article. as a side note concerning the age of the chinese women. All you have to do is take a panoramic dental xray. If you see wisdom teeth showing, then they are about 16. But if you don’t see any wisdom teeth, then they are probably 12 years old.

  3. Craig Says:

    Hi Lowell Tan,
    Thank you for taking time to leave a comment on my blog… a great note at that! 🙂
    What a round for the gymnasts events! It sounds like you are also watching the Games! Enjoy them my friend! Have a great end to the week!
    Craig Herrera

  4. Craig Says:

    THANK YOU for the very kind comment! 🙂
    Stay Golden Pony Boy… remember The Outsiders!
    Thanks for the great comment, enjoy the Games and have a great week!
    Craig Herrera

  5. El Rancho Kid, Says:

    Hey Craig,
    You have accomplished a lot since leaving Pojoaque. Meeting famous Olympic people and doing a good job helping your city. Just want to say keep up the good work and Carm and I are proud of you.
    Daniel G

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